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Welcome to 8base, a powerful low-code development platform designed to facilitate the creation of full-stack JavaScript applications. We created this platform for professional developers who seek an efficient and streamlined tool to bring their projects to life.

8base empowers developers to generate comprehensive applications, manage data effectively, and design and deploy scalable and robust digital products. With 8base, developers can generate comprehensive GraphQL APIs and extend them with custom server-side functions.

8base also enables developers to build frontend applications that interact seamlessly with their 8base backend and communicate with any third-party API. The versatility of 8base provides a wide range of opportunities to innovate and deliver high-quality digital solutions.

Create an Account

Create your free account to get started with 8base at After you've set up your account, you'll be able to create Projects and use the 8base tools to buiold and run web applications.

You can sign up with user name and password, Github, or Google.

System Requirements

8base is a browser-based web application. Please review these system requirements for the best experience. Building on any laptop or desktop is currently supported using a screen resolution that is at least 1280 x 1084 is recommended.

8base works best on Google Chrome but also supports Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge – if you are experiencing any issues, we recommend switching to Chrome.

You must allow pop-ups, redirects, and ClipBoard from and