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The Logic screen is a dashboard where all Custom Functions that have been deployed to a workspace can be reviewed. Consider it your catalog for any custom serverside logic.

Logic screen in 8base management console

Custom Function Cards

Once custom functions have been deployed to a workspace, they will appear in a list on the left side of the Logic screen. After selecting one, a card for the function will populate.

A quick overview of the function can be collected, showing its type, description, and any relevant meta data (configurations). Most importantly, clicking on the Logs tab will display the functions production logs.


Logs can tailed – watched in real time – and searched. To turn on tailing, turn on the "Real Time Logs" toggle. You'll see a prompt in the screen that a connection is/has been established.

Keep in mind that when watching the logs a short latency period can be expected. Every request made is assigned a unique ID that can be used to search and identify a single request.

If a console.log('...something') statement is used inside of a custom function, the printed result will appear here inside the logs.

Reviewing the logs in the Logic Screen

Descriptions and Meta Data

All descriptions and meta data attributed to a function must be added/updated inside the 8base.yml file. There currently is no support for editing functions in the management console.

Check out the 8base.yml docs to learn more about deploying functions to a workspace.

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