Platform Overview

Welcome to 8base docs! Here we'll give a brief overview of the platform and its capabilities.

8base allows front-end and mobile developers to quickly build complex, data-driven applications without the need to develop backend code and maintain backend infrastructure. The platform runs in a serverless, scalable and secure cloud environment and makes it trivial to manage data, files, users, permissions and other features commonly required by modern web and mobile applications.

8base platform consists of the following high-level modules:

  • Data Builder lets you define the data model: tables, fields and relationships between tables. It is packed with cool features. For example, File field type allows you to seamlessly attach files to data objects; or Smart fields that make it simple to implement complex fields such as address or name.

  • Data Viewer lets you view and modify the data in an excel-like user interface. This is useful for admins to browse and modify the data or enter sample content while in development.

  • Role-based security lets you define custom roles with granular access controls. You can specify which tables and fields a role can read, modify or delete. You can even apply custom filters, such as giving users access only to records they created.

  • GraphQL API is generated automatically from the data model you define. It gives power to front-end developers to query and modify the data in ways that were traditionally available only to back-end developers. It comes with robust filters, sorting, pagination, full-text search and is secured using the role-based security.

  • Command-line Interface (CLI) allows you to develop and deploy custom backend logic in JavaScript or TypeScript. Need to run a custom algorithm, connect to a 3rd-party API or execute a task on schedule? The CLI lets you deploy this logic in seconds to 8base serverless environment where it is executed and scaled automatically.

  • Front-end SDK and Boost UI Kit provide a set of open-source libraries and UI components that simplify and accelerate front-end development. Libraries and UI components are pre-integrated with the 8base API to enable useful features, such as automatically applying client-side validation to form fields based on your data schema, seamless file uploads and more. We currently focus primarily on React stack. Support for other front-end frameworks coming soon.