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Creating and Editing App Pages

This article describes how developers can create new Pages and Edit their Page Settings.

In App Builder, you can create and edit Pages in the "Pages" pane of the left menu.

Creating Pages

Assuming you have an App already created in App Builder, to Create a new Page, simply select the "+" button from the "Pages" Pane:

Creating page

Pages have the following properties that can be set:

• Name: A unique name for the Page. This will be used internally by App Builder and is required.

• Path: The path for the page. This is required and must be unique.

• HTML Meta Tags: These are HTML Meta tags that will be placed in the <head> section of the Page.

• Default Path Parameters: These are parameters that will be set on the Page. The format is ParameterName=DefaultValue.

• Route Metadata: This is metadata that will be associated with the Page. The format is MetaKey=MetaValue.

• Local Route Hooks: These are functions that will be called when the Page is navigated to. The format is FunctionName(to, from, state).

After you have set all of the properties for the Page, simply click the "Create" button to save the Page.

Editing Pages

To Edit an existing Page, simply change the values in the Pages Pane and click "Save":

Editing page

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