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Creating and Editing Layouts

This document describes how a developer can create and edit Layouts in App Builder.

App Builder Layouts.

All the layouts available in your application are displayed at the bottom of the Pages pane that's located in the left menu. To create your first Layout, click the "+" in the Layouts section menu. This will open a form that lets you specify the name of your Layout.

Layouts get built no differently than pages. You drag and drop components into the Layout to build it. The only difference is that layouts require the View component to be added to that Page.

Understanding the View Component

Understanding the View Component.

The View component determines where a Page's components will be rendered within the Layout. Think of it as a slot that will render the Page's content.


Every Layout allows for one View component to be added.

Using a Layout on a Page

Using a Layout on a Page shown.

You're able to use a Layout by selecting it on a Page's settings. Layouts are available as an option when you open the "Page Layout" setting.

Using a Layout on a Page shown in the preview.

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