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Connecting to an 8base BE Workspace

This article describes how developers can quickly create a Resource connected to an 8base Backend Workspace.

To set up an 8base Backend Workspace as a data source, click on the Resources icon in the left-side menu. It will open a modal that lists all of the available data sources.

Resources in App Builder

8base makes it easy to connect to an 8base Backend. In the "Add a Resource" area, click on any of your 8base Backends listed to set it up as a Resource. This will add it to your Resources list on the left modal area.

Configuring an 8base Backend Data Source

After your 8base Backend is selected, click on it in the list of available resources. You'll then be able to choose the endpoint and environment (if connecting to a backend that has CI/CD) and set any default headers you want to send with requests.

Configuring a resource

With 8base, it's easy to connect to the data source of your choice and start building the app of your dreams.

Making an API Request to the Data Source

Once your Resource gets configured, it will become available in your app! You can then make API requests to it using the Request Modal.

Request Modal

To create an API request, click on the "+" button in the top-right corner of the Request modal.

In the Request create form, you can select which Resource you want to request and the different settings for that Request. The input variables, headers, and operation type can all be set. These options will vary based on the type of data source you're sending the Request to (e.g, GraphQL, REST, 8base Backend).

Making a request in the Request Modal

After you've made your request, you'll see the response. The data also gets stored in the State pane, making it accessible by components and other parts of your app.

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