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Making an app Public

This article describes how developers can make their App Builder apps public.

When you build an app using App Builder, by default the app isn't deployed. This means that only people invited to the Workspace where the app is being built can see and test the app.

If you want to make your app available to anyone, you need to publish it (Deploy). Deployment makes your app public, which means it's available over the web using the 8base provisioned URL.

How to Deploy your App‚Äč

In the top menu of App Builder, click Deploy. This opens the Deployment settings page where you can configure how you want to deploy your app.

Deployment menu

On the Deployment settings page, you are able to specify a version number for your app. App Builder will automatically increment the number, though you can also type in a specific number if you want to.

The version number is important because it represents a snapshot of your app at a particular point in time. This is useful when you need to roll back to an older version.

Once the version number is accurately set, go ahead and click the Deploy button. This will start the process of deploying your app to 8base. After the process is complete, your app URL will be available in the same menu.

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