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Built Application Architecture

Cloud Infrastructure

8base utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting both backend and frontend applications.

Data Layer

8base employs a fully redundant and fault-tolerant Aurora MySQL relational database within AWS. For scalability and performance, automatic load-balancing is implemented across these redundant databases.

Logic Layer

8base uses Amazon Lambda for serverless functions. The supported functions include:

  • Custom Resolvers: Custom logic for queries and mutations.
  • Triggers: Responses to database events.
  • Scheduled and On-demand Tasks: Tasks that run based on a schedule or manual triggering.
  • Web Hooks: For external integrations.

API Layer

8base offers a GraphQL API that provides:

  • Auto-generated CRUD commands
  • Pagination
  • Filtering
  • Sorting
  • Full-text search
  • Groupings
  • Aggregations
  • Documentation

The API can be extended using custom resolvers through serverless JavaScript and Typescript functions.


Applications constructed with 8base's frontend tools produce a React application hosted on AWS S3. For optimized delivery, CDN services are facilitated by Amazon CloudFront.

Alternative Frontends

8base’s backend and GraphQL API support frontends built using developers’ framework of choice or even other low-code tools. In these cases, frontend applications can be hosted using Netlify, Vercel or any other hosting provider.

Mobile Applications

8base’s backend and GraphQL API support native mobile applications built using any of the prevailing frameworks and/or tools.