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8base delivers a robust platform empowering developers to architect comprehensive JavaScript applications. At the heart of this platform lies 8base Projects, chiefly comprising a Backend and possibly numerous Frontends. You can classify these projects into two primary categories: Fullstack and Backend-Only.

Project Categories

Fullstack Projects

Fullstack projects are distinguished by a single Backend supplemented by one or numerous Frontends. This configuration allows developers to append additional Frontends per their project needs.

Starting a Project

8base allows users to jumpstart projects either by leveraging accelerators as a groundwork or embarking from a clean slate. Both approaches provide a robust framework to construct feature-intensive applications.

Jumpstart with Accelerators

Accelerators are productivity-enhancing templates designed to fast-track the application development lifecycle. Fullstack projects present the opportunity to harness these Accelerators for a streamlined development journey.

Build from Scratch

If you're a developer yearning for absolute control over your projects, you have the option to architect Fullstack projects from scratch. This method provides a spectrum of ready-to-use Integrated Authentication alternatives:

  • In-App Authentication: Allows the application to control and manage the entire authentication process. This option is ideal for tailored experiences.
  • Hosted Authentication: Facilitates seamless integration with minimal setup via a cloud-hosted authentication interface, maintained and secured by 8base.
  • DIY Authentication: Offers developers the freedom to design their authentication process from the ground up.

Backend-Only Projects

Backend Only projects consist exclusively of a Backend. These projects serve as a powerful Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) tool. Notably, these projects can be transformed into Fullstack projects by adding Frontends as needed.

Backend (and Fullstack) projects reap the benefits of:

  1. A fully scalable server-less GraphQL API.
  2. A fully managed MySQL Database, hosted on AWS (Aurora MySQL).
  3. Preconfigured app services (Authentication, Authorization, File Storage, and more)

All 8base projects are managed via the 8base Management Console, a secure web portal requiring an 8base account and a modern web browser. Projects benefit from scalable server-less GraphQL API, fully managed MySQL Database hosted on AWS, and additional app services like Authentication, Authorization, File Storage, all supported by the 8base team and community.