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What is 8base?

Welcome to 8base, a purpose-built low-code platform for professional developers. At its core, 8base is engineered to streamline the development of full-stack JavaScript applications, eliminating the usual overhead while retaining the depth and control that seasoned developers and their end-users expect.

Key Features of 8base

  • Frontend Development Tools: 8base provides a powerful visual frontend development environment with a rich set of fully-configurable UI components. Quickly design, build and deploy web applications with no limitations on styling or taking full-control using code where necessary. 8base’s frontend tools provide simple integration with 8base Backends while also providing for easy integration with any API or data source.
  • Backend Development Tools: 8base delivers an integrated suite of backend development tools, streamlining the process of setting up a relational data schema, implementing granular role-based access controls, provisioning authentication services, and more. Designed with efficiency in mind, these tools empower developers to establish a robust backend infrastructure with minimal friction, ensuring a solid foundation for any application.
  • GraphQL API Generation: 8base instantly delivers an auto-generated and fully-documented GraphQL APIs for an application’s backend data. Extend and customize these APIs with server-side functions to ensure they fit your specific requirements.
  • Managed Backend-as-a-Service: 8base presents a comprehensive DevOps-free backend solution, encompassing a fully-managed relational database and serverless functions. Whether you're leveraging 8base's frontend toolkit or your preferred development framework, this service ensures robust backend support, streamlining operations and allowing developers to prioritize feature-rich application development.

8base’s Backend-as-a-Service can be utilized independently of its frontend development tools, for use cases where a managed backend is required to support frontend web and/or mobile applications written using other frameworks or tools.

In essence, 8base is a toolkit for developers who prioritize efficiency, scalability, security and quality.

Dive in and discover how 8base can elevate your development process and application runtime operations.