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This document describes what Layouts are in App Builder and why they're helpful.

App Builder Layouts

When developing an App in App Builder, your Pages will be built using a combination of Layouts and Views. Layouts get used in App Builder to help developers not have to repeat themselves.

Every Page in App Builder is made up of a Layout and a View. If you have a header, footer, or sidebar that you want to appear on multiple Pages in your app, you can create it once as a Layout and then use that Layout on various Pages.

Layouts Summary

A Layout is a reusable container you can use to arrange components on the Page Canvas. App Builder ships with a few different Layout components, such as the Authenticated and Empty. You can also create custom Layouts.

Layouts are not Page-specific and get selected on a page-by-page basis in the Page settings.

Views Summary

A View is all components added to a specific page rendered within the Layout. This means that when editing a Page, you're adding components to a View. Meanwhile, when editing a Layout, you're adding components to the Layout that will be available on all Pages using that Layout.

All this said Layouts and Views are always displayed and updated through the Page Canvas.

Next Steps

In the following sections, we'll cover how you can add and configure Layouts in App Builder.