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App Builder Docs

Learn how developers and teams can build, deploy, and evolve full-stack web applications using App Builder. Create great UX/UI experiences for user-facing and internal applications using App Builder's drag-and-drop components, and connect to REST APIs, GraphQL APIs, and other data sources, all while using intuitive UI tools and JavaScript.

Getting to know App Builder

While App Builder abstracts into interface most application development concepts that traditionally get handled using syntax, it still allows developers to write and run JavaScript code. Developers can also manipulate and store data and trigger events and actions on application user interactions and different stages in the application lifecycle, like routing.

Here is an overview of all the sections you can start diving in to on your journey to becoming an App Builder expert!

  1. Getting Familiar with the Editor
  2. Custom App Styling
  3. Responsive Design in App Builder
  4. Application Layouts
  5. App Navigation
  6. App Components
  7. Connecting to Data Sources
  8. Data in the Frontend (State)
  9. Custom Frontend Logic
  10. Triggering Events in the App
  11. Authenticating App Users - Docs coming soon...
  12. Images and Files in App Builder
  13. Publishing Apps
  14. Global App Settings - Docs coming soon...

Next Steps

Ready to get going? Check out our Getting Started to get up and running fast, or continue to learn more about App Builder in a deeper overview on the next page.