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Provisioning Projects

Provisioning projects in 8base can be done in a few simple steps and allows you to set up Full-Stack or Backend-Only projects in seconds.

Creating a Project‚Äč

After you login, the My Projects page loads and displays a list of all your projects. This page will be blank if you have not yet created any projects.

My Projects


Before creating your first project, you should set up your payment details. You will be prompted during the project creation process if you still need to do this.

To create a new project:

  • Click "Create Project" in the upper left corner of the My Projects page.
  • A new pop-up opens for you to enter your project details.
  • Enter a unique name for your project.
  • Choose your AWS region, either East or West.
  • Check the "Add Integrated Authentication" box if your project requires authentication.
  • Choose your project type:
    • Full-Stack - frontend and backend workspaces will be created.
    • Backend-Only - only a backend workspace will be created.
  • Choose your payment plan.
  • Click the "Create" button.

Create a Project

The project creator pop-up opens and steps through setting up your project.

Project Creator

Once your project is created the pop-up closes and you are redirected to your project dashboard.

If your project uses authentication, a new pop-up opens indicating that you must install a Template to set up your authentication. (A separate article covers Template installation.)

Template Notice

Click "OK" to close the pop-up. You can now begin working on your new project.

Project Dashboard

Check out the article Project UI Walkthrough to get familiar with the Project Dashboard.

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