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Welcome to 8base! We're so glad you're here. We've poured countless hours into creativity and code to create 8base. All of that effort intended solely to support you in building something amazing.

Reading this documentation is the first step to becoming an 8base master, which in turn will make you into a 21st century software whiz-kid. Seriously, it's that good.

Always let us know how we can help!

Connecting with the Community

While building on 8base and checking out the docs, you might have some questions. Actually, lets re-phrase that... while building on 8base YOU'LL DEFINITELY HAVE SOME QUESTIONS. When such a situation arises, fret not. We're here for you.

Start a Topic on 8base's Discourse
Create topics for new feature suggestions, code support, or debugging help.

Contributing to 8base Docs

Like most great things, 8base is a work in progress. As a consequence of that, our documentation is constantly under development and probably in need of some TLC. Right now, we have two team members that are maintaining the docs, and frankly, they could use a little help...

That's where YOU come in.

Our documentation repo is public and open-sourced right here on GitHub. So whenever you want to, you could:

  • Report missing sections: Think something should be in the documentation that isn't? Create an issue to let us know!
  • Submit pull requests: Want to not only point out the problem but be apart of the solution? Clone the Documentation repo and submit pull requests start... pretty much anything, like:
    • Grammar and spelling
    • Errors in any code example
    • Even BETTER code examples
    • Missing sections
    • Better descriptions
    • A nice GIF of a police man in the Authorization section * Anything else...

If you need help getting started, just reach out to us at However, here are some more complete descriptions of work that can be done.

1. Reporting an Issue

8base uses GitHub Issue Tracking to track issues (primarily bugs and contributions of new code). If you've found a bug in 8base, this is the place to start. You'll need to create a (free) GitHub account in order to submit an issue, to comment on them or to create pull requests.

2. Create an Awesome Code Example

Examples are sooo important in great documentation and are very helpful for the 8base community. You can help by providing complete code examples, or by editing the current ones. Honestly, if you think "a, b, and c examples are terrible and I could make them better", please do! We won't take it personally...

3. Contributing Articles

You can help improve the 8base Docs by making them more coherent, consistent, or readable and adding missing information, correcting factual errors, fixing typos, and bringing them up to date with the latest 8base features. It's honestly an open-book. If you think something is useful, others probably will too.