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GraphQL Queries

GraphQL queries are used to fetch data via the workspace API.

8base's GraphQL engine auto-generates queries as part of the GraphQL schema based on your workspace tables. All workspace tables can be queried through the workspace endpoint.

Auto-generated queries

Whenever a table is added to a work space, two GraphQL query operations are auto-generated for the table. They are:

  • tableName(...) - Accepts id and any unique value as an argument to retreive a single record from the database.

  • tableNameList(...) - Accepts filter, sort, skip, after, before, first, withDeleted, and, last to retrive a list of curated records while supporting pagination, relational-filtering, sorting, and more.

List Arguments

8base responds to the following query arguments when specified for lists.

  • filter. Filters records based on field values.
  • orderBy. [DEPRECIATING - Use sort]
  • sort. Sort order configuration. Can be single- or multi- field sorting.
  • first. Limit query to first N records. Default and maximum value is 5000.
  • skip. Skip N records from the result.
  • last. Return N last records from the result.
  • after. Return records after specified ID. Used for cursor-based pagination.
  • before. Return records before specified ID. Used for cursor-based pagination.
  • withDeleted. Includes records in response that have previously been deleted.
  • extraFields. ExtraFields allow developers to specify calculated results that get returned in the API response, depending on the field type.
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