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For the sake of the any examples, let's consider a scenario where a table called Posts exists, having expected fields and relations like title, body, author, etc.

GraphQL Subscriptions

A GraphQL subscription is a web-socket connection where the client receives an event with data whenever the observed event occurs upstream.

8base's GraphQL engine auto-generates subscriptions as part of the GraphQL schema based on your workspace tables. All workspace tables can receive subscriptions through the workspace endpoint using wss protocol.

Auto-generated subscriptions

Whenever a table is added to a work space, a GraphQL subscriptions operation is auto-generated for the table.

  • TableName(...) - Accepts filter as an argument with which it will listen for specified mutation events on one or more scoped records.


8base accepts to the following subscription argument.

  • filter. A SubscriptionFilter type filter containing values for mutation types, table filter, and updated fields filter.

SubscriptionFilter type

The SubscriptionFilter type is different from filters used in GraphQL queries. Instead, the SubscriptionFilter contains 3-top level keys:

  • mutation_in: An array of mutation events on which to listen (create, update, delete).
  • node: Normal query filter that allows for scoping of one or more records.
  • updatedFields: For specifying which individual fields to observe.
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