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Development Environment

The 8base Command Line Interface (CLI) has a set of tools to assist with working on functions locally.

To learn about logging, see Logs.

Invoke Functions Locally

For testing purposes, you can execute functions locally and supply a JSON value for the event parameter:

8base invoke-local [FUNCTION NAME] -j '{ "data": { "key1": "val1" }}'.

You can specify JSON inline using the -j option or a path to a file with JSON using -p option.


To test this feature, implement the hello resolver from [Resolvers](/backend/custom-functions/custom-functions /resolvers) and run the following command in your CLI.

8base invoke-local hello -j '{ "data": { "name": "Bob" } }'

Environment Variables

There are a few ways to set environment variables while running invoke-local. You can either include variables directly in the command:

VAR1=test 8base invoke-local hello\n

Or you can create a .env file with variables:

env $(cat .env | xargs) 8base invoke-local hello

Invoke Functions Remotely

Similarly to invoke-local you can execute functions remotely using:

8base invoke [FUNCTION NAME] -j '{ "data": { "key1": "val1" }}'